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Residential Plumbing

  • Plumbing Repairs
    Kitchen and bathroom fixtures have their own life span. Our trained technicians can do repairs or replacement of defective fixture including repair or replacement of drain lines (both hot and cold lines). We also do install new fixtures, drain water lines.
  • Water Tank and Sump Pit Cleaning
    Water tanks and sump pits contains accumulated sand and silt during long period of usage. Walls even develop molds that need cleaning in a regular basis. Our technicians were trained to perform this job. We scrub the walls and floor as well as disinfect your water tank prior to turn-over. On sump pits, we scrub the walls, drain the floor with silt and other debris manually or with sum pits as well as scrub the flooring. Maintenance of sump pumps can be coordinated during the sump pit cleaning.
  • Grease Trap Maintenance
    Grease traps were designed to hold & stop grease including other kitchen waste that goes along kitchen waste water drained from sinks and lavatories. These accumulate and increase everyday. Grease sticks on the walls, screens, baffles and on drain lines. Grease traps should be cleaned on regular basis to get utmost effectiveness and benefit. Roto-Rooter can perform this for you to eliminate backflow and untimely stoppage.
  • Drain Care Products
    Roto-Rooter has bio-augmentation products that not only help in preventing the accumulation of fats, oil, and grease in your grease traps and drain lines but also help in eliminating odor caused by these materials. In addition, enzymes use these fats, oils, and grease as food consuming them and converting them into water and carbon dioxide - an environmentally helpful process.